TUC # 1 Specifications


Use part TUC 1with choice of UL & CSA Listed
wire nuts or crimps provided with connector.Connect
two or more pre-stripped copper ends in a pigtail, wire
nut or copper crimp ends. Then insert into pre-filled tube
to seal the connection for direct burial. Designed to insure
water-proof connections.

Common AWG Wire Combinations (Copper Only):
2-12 #18 multi conductor wire
2-5 #18 sol or str
2-5 #16 sol or str
4 #14 sol or str
2 #12 sol or str
2 #14 to 1 #12 sol or str
2 #16 to 2 #14 sol or str

Consult Customer SVC for list of complete wire combinations.

Double Locking Connector

Connector: Steel Spring, Shell, Flame Retardant Thermo Plastic Insulator
Tube: Polyalomer Plastic w/ UV Inhibitors
Copper Crimp: True Copper
Gel: Alpha 2000

Application Data:
Application Temperature:
15*F-120*F or -10C- 49C
Operation Temperature:
-20*F- 255*F or -29C- 146C
Voltage Rating: 30 Volts
Weight of One TUC1:
..031 lb. (.148g)

Storage: Do not store above 150*F (62C)
Shelf Life: Indefinite at 73*F or 23.5C